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Giordana Classic Trade Socks
Time tested and traditional, the Classic Trade Sock manages moisture, protects from the onset of blisters and maintains its shape and richness even after hundreds of washes. Utilizing a cut and cuff height that many long term cyclists know and love. - Blend of CoolMax CoreSpun fibers and Lycra offers unsurpassed moisture management, blister protection, low pilling, abrasion resistance - 50% CoolMax CoreSpun fibers and Lycra, 40% nylon, 10% Lycra - Mid cuff only = 6.5 cm (with 6 cm heel to cuff)
Louis Garneau Tuscan Socks
Sweaty shoes from a hot ride? At least with Louis Garneau's Tuscan Socks you're toes will still feel fresh. Antibacterial, anti-odor Meryl Skinlife yarn wicks away moisture and a mesh knit increases ventilation. These durable socks feature a 4-inch cuff and an elastic band at the upper and under the foot. Add in a bit of Lycra fabric and you've got the optimal fit!
Giordana Merino Wool Sock 5
Giordana Merino Wool Socks are one of the most versatile accessories in the entire Giordana collection. Well suited for summer or winter temperatures, Merino Wool is a truly magical natural fiber. It has the ability to keep the body cool or warm, and pulls moisture away from the skin without becoming saturated as quickly as many synthetic fibers. A few pairs of these could be the only socks a cyclist needs to face an entire seasons worth of cycling. - Giordana winter socks are made of blended New Zealand merino wool, nylon and Lycra - Merino wool surpasses other wools in warmth, softness and breathability - Naturally stretchy and lightweight - Nylon provides added durability - 5-inch cuff height - 56% Merino Wool, 41% nylon, 3% Lycra
Louis Garneau Venti X-Lite Socks
Large mesh vents and reinforced toes and heels make Garneau's Venti X-Lite Socks a great choice for summer rides. These lightweight socks are crafted from CoolMax, nylon, and Lycra to transfer moisture and breathe exceptionally well.
Louis Garneau Mid Versis Cycling Socks (3-pack)
The ventilated upper and cushioned sole make Louis Garneau's Mid Versis Socks comfortable for all types of riding conditions. They feature 6-inch cuffs and an elastic band at the upper and under foot that creates an amazing fit. The CoolPlus fabric wicks, so you're feet will stay dry through tough workouts.
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